Lightroom CC Tutorial for Beginners

Lightroom CC is a must for anyone that wants to make their great photos look even better! Lightroom CC is easy to use and I use it to further refine all of my top photos. For beginners, simply applying the camera lens' profile, adjusting saturation, vibrance and/or exposure may be enough. For more advanced users,

How to Bake Sausage

This is how to bake sausage. Baking sausage is often a lot easier and less messy than cooking sausage in a skillet. Please keep in mind that different thicknesses of sausage will likely take longer to cook. #sausage #cooking

Replace Camera’s Audio with Pro Audio Tutorial

Even high-end cameras often contain microphones of mediocre quality. The only way to capture excellent quality for video productions is to record the audio using an external microphone. After audio has been recorded from both the camera's internal microphones and the high-quality external microphone, it's then easy to replace the camera's audio with high-quality external

Final Cut Pro X 360 Degree Video Editing Tutorial

This is how to edit 360 degree video within Final Cut Pro X 10.4. Spherical video editing is one of the most awesome new features within Final Cut Pro X. I was an early adopter of VR camera but I had the VR hardware before the software had caught up. Fortunately I filmed several VR

How to Setup Amazon Web Services Web Server

This is how to setup a web server with Amazon Web Services ("AWS"). I've been a computer nerd for many decades and my first web server was a colocated Slackware Linux box. Web hosting options have come a long way since then! I love AWS because it's affordable, scalable and easy to setup! AWS initial

How to Watch 4K60 Videos on YouTube

This is how to play 4K60 videos on YouTube. I uploaded several 4K60 videos to YouTube but when I attempted to watch them after uploading, YouTube said 1080 60FPS, even though the videos were uploaded as 4K 60FPS. This is the fix that I found for watching 4K60 videos on YouTube. Enjoy and share! #4K60

Air Conditioner Not Cooling Troubleshooting

This is how I troubleshoot an air conditioner that is not cooling. Always contact a certified HVAC technician to perform repairs. Within this video, I pinpointed the root cause of my HVAC not cooling. Ice was visible on the pipe beside the HVAC unit. That's typically an indication of low freon. After I turned off

Chicken Wing Marinade with Chef IrixGuy

This is one of my favorite chicken wing marinades. It works great for chicken wings and/or drumsticks. Enjoy and share! #ChickenWings #ChefIrixGuy

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Project Management Tips

Project management is a learned skill. An effective project manager not only understands the needs of the customer but also understands the talent that can achieve those expectations. A project manager should not perform the work but they should have more than a high-level understanding of all tasks that are being performed. They should be

How to Negotiate the Best Car Price

This is how to negotiate the best car price. Always remember that the price on the car's window sticker should not be the actual sales price for the vehicle. Even cars that are "discounted" are likely not discounted as much as they can be. Many people feel that haggling with car sales people is a