Zmodo Pivot 1080p Wireless Security Camera Unboxing


I used a somewhat budget rotating webcam in the past and the Zmodo is far superior for several reasons:

– The iOS app has not crashed yet and is friendly to use
– The app display temperature and humidity
– It’s easy to rotate the camera (can rotate 360 degrees) within the app
– Video is high-quality! A level of detail exists that is not present within many other web cameras
– It features a two-way microphone. I can listen to audio in the room via my iPhone app. I can also speak and anyone in the room can respond!
– It has a motion sensor and will record a quick video clip whenever motion is detected.
– Notifications can be disabled or scheduled (i.e. it’s easy to set notifications to only appear while at work 8-5 daily). With notifications disabled, I can simply go through the app and see which events occurred whenever I want to.
– Door/windows sensor will trigger an alert whenever the door or window is opened
– It stores video clips within the device….no external storage is needed.

Build quality is nice! For an enhanced sense or security and/or to monitor/talk to a cat or dog while away, this is a great camera to consider in my opinion. My only complaint so far is that I wish that it came with a longer power cord or that it could be recharged via USB and then last a few days or so before requiring a recharge. I say this because the 360-degree rotation of the device makes placement in the middle of a room optimal and there are not often power outlets in the middle of a room.

Available on Amazon.comZmodo Pivot 1080p Wireless Security Camera and All-in-One Smart Home Hub



Zmodo Pivot 1080p Wireless Security Camera Unboxing


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