Wasabi Power Battery for Sony FDR-AX100 Unboxing


I use this Wasabi Power battery for the Sony FDR-AX100 4K camcorder. It’s a lot less expensive than the Sony brand battery and it lasts longer! I’ve been using Wasabi Power batteries for several years for my other cameras. They have always been reliable and have always lasted longer than the original manufacturer batteries. This battery is no exception! I’m able to charge it while inserted in the Sony AX100 camera, the same way that I charge the Sony-branded battery.

Available on Amazon.comWasabi Power Battery for Sony NP-FV100 and Sony DCR-SR15, SR21, SR68, SR88, SX15, SX21, SX44, SX45, SX63, SX65, SX83, SX85, FDR-AX100, HDR-CX105, CX110, CX115, CX130, CX150, CX155, CX160, CX190, CX200, CX210, CX220, CX230, CX260V, CX290, CX300, CX305, CX330, CX350V, CX360V, CX380, CX430V, CX520V, CX550V, CX560V, CX580V, CX700V, CX760V, CX900, HC9, PJ10, PJ30V, PJ50, PJ200, PJ230, PJ260V, PJ340, PJ380, PJ430V, PJ540, PJ580V, PJ650V, PJ710V, PJ760V, PJ790V, PJ810, TD10, TD20V, TD30V, XR150, XR155, XR160, XR260V, XR350V, XR550V, HXR-NX3D1U, NX30U, NX70U, NEX-VG10, VG30, VG30H, VG900



Wasabi Power Battery for Sony FDR-AX100 Unboxing


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