Sauder Edge Water Utility Cart/Free Standing Cabinet Unboxing


I initially hesitated to buy this piece of furniture, due to some comments regarding durability of the piece. I’m happy however that I purchased it! I assembled it by myself in an hour or so. I highly recommend assembling on a clean and carpeted surface, as dirt and such on a hard floor could scratch the furniture during assembly. If you only have a hard floor, assemble it on top of clean cardboard, etc. I was pleased that I did not scratch this furniture during assembly and it looks really nice! I did not sit anything heavy on top of it like a television but it would likely be more than capable of supporting the weight of a game console, Blu-Ray player, etc. It’s definitely a piece of furniture that I wouldn’t move around a lot after assembly but it is plenty sturdy in my opinion, looks nice and serves the purpose of providing a top table area, pull-out drawer and cabinets below. It sincerely looks like an expensive piece of furniture but the budget price obviously means that you don’t get the heavy weight and exceptional build quality of high-end furniture that costs several times more. To sit below my TV that is mounted to the wall, it works great! I wish that they had included a black touch-up marker though, in case I had scratched it during assembly.

Available on Amazon.comSauder Edge Water Utility Cart/Free Standing Cabinet, Estate Black Finish



Sauder Edge Water Utility Cart/Free Standing Cabinet Unboxing Sauder Edge Water Utility Cart/Free Standing Cabinet Unboxing


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