Kootek GMP-02 Extendable Telescopic Gopro Monopod Unboxing


This is a very interesting monopod for GoPro HERO4 and older model GoPro cameras too! One of the things that I love most about this monopod is that it comes with a GoPro-style adapter attached but also comes with a GoPro to screw-type tripod converter as well, should one want to use this monopod with a small camcorder, point-and-shoot camera, etc. The grip is rubberized and very comfortable in the hand! The lanyard is high-quality. The fully-extended length of this GoPro monopod is incredible, considering the short length and light weight when completely collapsed! Is this the ultimate travel monopod? I like it a lot but it’s not a monopod that I’d swim in salt water with like I do with the GoPole Reach monopod. With that said, it’s a lot smaller and a lot lighter than most GoPro monopods. From a portability perspective it’s hard to beat. Great job Kootek!

Available on Amazon.comKootek® GMP-02 Extendable Telescopic Gopro Monopod Selfie Stick Pole with Wifi Remote Snap-On Back Mount and Tripod Mount Adapter Screw for Gopro HD Hero 4 3+ 3 2 1 Digital Camera



Kootek GMP-02 Extendable Telescopic Gopro Monopod Unboxing


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