iXCC Lightning Cable Unboxing


FYI the link above if for a 10 foot cable. It looks like this three-pack of cables is no longer available.

This is one of the best third-party lightning cables that I have found. It should work well with any iOS device iPhone 5 and newer that uses the Lightning cable to synch and charge. The best part about the iXCC Lightning cable is that three come in the pack! That makes the deal extra sweet and also adds to the convenience of keeping a lightning cable in the car, boat, office, etc. The iXCC lightning cable itself is a very solid construction. The connector on both the USB end and lightning cable end seems to be securely molded together. That is the point of failure for most inferior lightning cables. Aside from the iXCC logo, if this lightning cable was held right beside an Apple-branded lightning cable it would be hard to tell a difference.

Available on Amazon.comiXCC (r) 10ft Lightning Cable (TEN FEET !) White EXTRA LONG Extended Length USB SYNC Cable Charger Cord [Lightning Cable]



iXCC Lightning Cable Unboxing


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