GoPro Pole by CamKix Unboxing


This is a nice telescoping monopod for GoPro HERO4 and earlier GoPro models as well. It also has a screw-type camera tripod mount, if you decide to attach a smaller camcorder or camera, instead of a GoPro. The grips on this monopod feel really nice. They’re like that spongy stuff on gym equipment. It’s small, light and compact for travel but when fully extended it locks in place, so there is no noticeable wobble that could result in shaky video. This is a great monopod for any GoPro camera user. A monopod is a must for filming steady GoPro video!

Available on Amazon.comGoPro Pole by CamKix – Adjustable Telescopic Pole with Wifi Remote Attachment – 14″ to 40″ Extension – Twist and Lock Easy Extension and Retraction – Tripod Mount Suitable for GoPro Hero 1, 2, 3, 3+, 4 and Other Cameras – 1 Wifi Remote Strap / 1 Wrist Strap / 1 Lanyard Included ?1M Black?



GoPro Pole by CamKix Unboxing


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