Suaoki 16W Solar Phone Battery Charger Review


This is a convenient way to recharge an iPhone and/or other USB-rechargeable devices while on-the-go. It’s great for backpacking, as the included carabiners can be used to attach the solar panel to the back of a backpack while hiking. While in camp, these could also be used to hang the solar panel from a tree, etc. This solar panel charger has two USB ports, so two USB-rechargeable devices can be charged at the same time. Since it folds and is so lightweight, it’s also easy to travel with while not in use. Unlike some solar panels, it does not include a battery, so charging is limited to sunlight hours only. With that said, it would be easy to charge a USB-rechargeable battery bank and use that to recharge devices in the dark. I’m impressed with the build quality and like the zippered pocket area where the two USB ports are located. I also use that zippered area to store my iPhone charging cable.

Available on Amazon.comSuaoki 16W Solar Phone Battery Charger 13 OZ Dual USB-Port Efficiency up to 23.5%



Suaoki 16W Solar Phone Battery Charger Review Suaoki 16W Solar Phone Battery Charger Review


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