South Shore Fiesta Storage Pantry Review


I was initially reluctant to buy this furniture because of some of the reviews but I’m pleased with my purchase and the price. There are a few important things to be aware of. The main thing is that it may appear larger online than it actually is. Be sure to measure first. I have included a picture of it beside a standard-height and size interior door for comparison. The build quality, although not great, is very good! It was an easy one-person assembly project for me. I recommend following the instructions precisely and taking your time. Also, be sure to assemble on clean carpet if possible to avoid scratching it. If you don’t have a carpeted area for assembly, I’d suggest assembling on top of a clean cardboard box. It does include a touch-up market which I felt was a nice touch. I never scratched mine during assembly and didn’t have to use it though. I saved the market should I scratch it in the future though. It’s not super sturdy when assembled but it’s not flimsy either. For storing small items it does the job well for me. I purchased this for my studio to store miscellaneous camera and computer equipment out-of-sight. I know that it’s marketed as a “pantry” but it has exceed my expectations for the intended purpose. The door handles are plastic but they look nice and aren’t flimsy in my opinion. It comes in a variety of colors and I purchased black. It’s a smooth black finish vs. a black with woodgrain finish. According to your intended purpose, the shelves can be positioned at various heights. For the price this was a good purchase in my opinion and if you follow the instructions closely and take your time during assembly, you’ll likely be satisfied with the assembled product!

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South Shore Fiesta Storage Pantry Review


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