Kingsford Smoker Box Unboxing


This is a great wood chip smoker box. I use this Kingsford wood chip smoker box inside a Brinkmann Electric Smoker and it works great! To prepare hickory, mesquite, apple wood or other type of wood chips, simply soak the wood chips in water in a bowl for 30 minutes or so. Next, pour the wet wood chips into the Kingsford smoker box. There are holes on the bottom of the smoker box to allow the water to drain out. Let the smoker box stop dripping and then place the smoker box inside the smoker with the Kingsford part facing up. The top part allows smoke to escape and flavor the meat. Soaking the wood chips is important because it enables the wood chips to slowly smolder and smoke longer.



Kingsford Smoker Box Unboxing


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