Cappec Thermometer Review


Cappec makes a variety of top-quality thermometers. For cooking in the oven, grill or smoker the Cappec Wireless Bluetooth Food Thermometer is awesome! It can have one or two probes attached and monitors meat temperature wireless. Alarms can be set when certain temperatures are achieved. Want to monitor the internal temperature of a grill or smoker? Simply add the “A” clip. You can set an alarm if the ambient temperature of a smoker drops below or jumps above a specified temperature. Both he connected smartphone and Cappec Wireless Bluetooth Food Thermometer will alarm. This is the ultimate accessory for any cook.

Want to monitor meat temperature but don’t need wireless or the ability to connect two probes? The Cappec kitchen thermometer is excellent for that!

Cappec’s Wireless Thermoblue is another awesome products that enables one to wirelessly monitor temperature and humidity. This is great for keeping track of the weather outside surrounding the grill or smoker. It works indoors too!










Available on Amazon.comCappec’s Wireless Thermoblue – Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Weather Station. Built in Thermometer and Hygrometer. Transmits Wireless to Your iOS or Android Device.
Available on Amazon.comCappec’s Bluetooth Wireless BBQ Thermometer – Smoker Friendly
Available on Amazon.comCappec’s Universal “A” Clip for Ambient Temperature Readings for Bbqs, Smokers and Ovens
Available on Amazon.comCappec’s Kitchen / Oven / BBQ / Smoker Thermometer – High temperature resistant cable



Cappec Thermometer Review Cappec Thermometer Review Cappec Thermometer Review Cappec Thermometer Review Cappec Thermometer Review


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