How to Green Screen Step-By-Step Tutorial


Learning how to green screen, also commonly referred to as “Chroma Keying” is actually quite simple. This video explains step-by-step how to green screen. At a high level, proper lighting, a quality green backdrop without shadows, a quality camera and microphone, tripod and video editing software is all that’s needed. Expect to experiment for a few hours to learn which tweaks “dial-in” the Chroma Key effect for your environment. For example, I know exactly how much to bump my microphone level up within post-production and I know exactly how much “fill holes” to apply to make the green screen effect look perfect! That was the result of several years of green screening inside of the same studio.  If you choose to paint a wall like I did instead of using a green screen kit, I used Sherwin Williams STRAIGHTFORWARD GREEN paint in flat latex.  It’s likely something that they will have to custom mix for you.

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How to Green Screen Step-By-Step Tutorial
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