DJI Phantom Case HOW-TO


This is how to make a DJI Phantom carrying case affordably. Pre-fabricated DJI Phantom cases can cost in excess of $200. I used an old aluminum case that I had sitting around but most any similar aluminum case that has foam inside should work. Use the box that the DJI Phantom came in for reference and be sure to up-size if you plan to carry additional DJI accessories in the case such as remote control, additional batteries, additional propellers, etc. Please share this video with others and I have included a link to a similar case on below:

Available on Amazon.comXit XTHC40 Medium Hard Photographic Equipment Case with Carrying Handle (Black)

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DJI Phantom Case HOW-TO


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DJI Phantom Case HOW-TO 90.7

Good idea but why not get a taller case so the legs don't have to be taken off of the Phantom each time?

  • Protection for DJI Phantom
  • Have to take legs off
  • Not optimal to have to screw on legs in the field
Posted on February 3, 2014 9:52 AM

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